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5 Great Reasons To Love Swimming

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

 5 Great Reasons to Love Swimming:

1. Swimming is great exercise – swimming is a high-energy, low-impact way to build strength and endurance. Daily practices and weekly meets get your swimmer moving almost every day during the season.

2. Swimming is a great way to make new friends – kids of all abilities practice and compete in their own age groups from year to year, creating lifelong friendships that last beyond school. It’s also a great way for parents to not only meet the neighbors, but actually get to know them while volunteering together.

3. Swimming is fun – kids don’t know they are exercising when they are swimming with friends, and they are building a love of a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

4. Swimming might make you smarter – regular exercise has been shown to improve academic/mental performance at every age, and can build skills leading to great jobs for teens like lifeguards and swim instructors, which look great on college applications and resumes.

5. Swimming teaches the value of setting & attaining goals – swimming is a team sport that also emphasizes personal best achievement through time improvement as a way to advance the team.

We hope these reasons to love swimming will inspire you to get matched up with a local swim team now!

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