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How many children per class?

There are a maximum of just four children per class. 

Classes for under four years olds. The maximum is just three children per class. 

Do you follow a recognised Swim program?

Yes, the children all follow the ‘Swim England’ Learn to swim Program. They will earn the Swimming Stages and Distance Awards. They can also progress through Personal Survival along with their Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge Awards

Do you have a cancelation period?

No we don’t. If you need to, you can stop any time and get a refund for any remaining lessons. It It’s our job to make sure your children are having such a great time they don’t ever want to stop lessons.

What about a hat?

Hat's are required at Wellesbourne School, optional at Walton Hall, though we would always recommend wearing one.  We have lots of fun fabric hats available which the children love.

What about Goggles?

These can be useful once your child is spending a lot of time with their face in the water. We would recommend smaller goggles and it's always worth getting good quality ones.

Anything else you'd like to know about or lessons just click the link below.

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