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Louise (and Ian before her) has gained a massive amount of water confidence and we have been extremely happy with her progress in MadFish and we hope that she can build upon this in the future. I know she already has ambitions of following Ian into competitive swimming, she enjoys swimming that much. That is purely due to you and your teams enthusiasm so we are very grateful to you.

Liz absolutely loves you. She calls you "Clarie Beary" and keeps talking about the magic armbands.... So pleased as i really thought she wouldn't even get in the pool 😊

I am so impressed with the classes. Both Lily and Harry have come on so much since starting! I’ve been recommending you to everyone!

I was really impressed with the lesson today. It was fantastic, really encouraging BIlly and motivating him. It's the most focused I've ever seen him and the most actual swimming he's ever done.

I definitely want to continue with the lessons. 😊

Thanks for the fab lessons, Charlie loves it so much!!

He used to dread his swimming lessons and kick up a fuss about going. Now I get "please tell me it's swimming today" and he looks forward to it!! 

Definitely succeeded in your goal!

Jacob absolutely loved his swimming lesson last night. He wanted to go back for another lesson as is now counting down until next Friday! 

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