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Becoming a Swimming Teacher

I found myself working a hateful job, when I overheard two of my staff discussing how hard it was to find a decent swimming teacher. 

That was my lightbulb moment! By the end of that day I’d booked onto a training course and have never looked back since.  It was the best thing I’ve ever done!

That was when Mad Fish Swim School was born. Year on year the swim school has grown, and new teachers have joined me until we are now a team of twelve. 

I knew I’d love being in the pool for a living but the unexpected part for me was the joy of teaching children. To watch a child blossom as they learn new skills, they’d thought impossible is such a privilege. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as meeting a child for their first lesson full of fear, to then see them skip away full of delight counting their sleeps until next time!


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Are you passionate about children?

Then come and join our team. You don't need to already be qualified as a Swimming Teacher. If you think you have something to offer and are interested then get in touch. We will train and mentor you to achieve this rewarding career.

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