Undewater Swimmer

Whether it's improving your front crawl or starting your swimming journey. Mad Fish can help you achieve your swimming goals.


Beginner Lessons

Would you love to learn to swim? There are so may different reasons why adults want to learn. Maybe to spend time in the pool with their family or to achieve a long time goal. We can help you achieve this in a safe and supportive environment. Working at you own pace.

Mad Fish beginner lessons are taught in chest height water where you can always touch the bottom. 

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Breaststroke to Front Crawl Transition

In these sessions we will help you to master Front Crawl. 
We will look at how to maintain a streamlined body position. 
How to achieve an effective and efficient kick and pull, and of course how to master the breathing.

Improver Lessons

Are you already up and swimming but would just like to improve your stokes? Do you find you are getting puffed out or do you feel like you aren't getting through the water like you'd like to. We can help you to get your stokes in tip top shape

Putting on Goggles
Swimming in the lake

Training Plans and Coaching

Are you looking to take part in an event? Or do you just need some guidance in how to get the most out of your swim sessions? What ever your swimming goals we can help and support you as you achive them.

Learning to Fly!

Have you always wanted to be able to swim the Butterfly. Fancy a challenge? Butterfly is renowned as the hardest of all the strokes. You will love how it feels when you've mastered this spectaular stroke

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